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Terpene Information

Terpenes are the chemicals that give cannabis and other plants their scents (for example, the strawberry smell in Strawberry Kush) Cannabis plants contain nearly 100 different terpenes.

We, have listed a few of the more common ones below

Some of the commonly known terpenes found in cannabis strains are:

  1. Beta-Caryophyllene, which is great for pain and inflammation relief
    More scientific information

  2. Myrcene is a proven anti-depressant and anti-inflammatory.
    This musky scented terpene may help in preventing peptic ulcer disease. Myrcene is the most abundant terpene that you will find in most cannabis strains.
    Earthy, peppery aromas and flavors. Ranges from a little bit chill to sedative chill. Also found in thyme, lemongrass. More Myrcene scientific information

  3. Trans-Caryophyllene
    More scientific information about Trans-Caryophyllene

  4. Guaiol. This terpene is not very common in cannabis but it can be found in many other plants.
    Guaiol has been associated with decreased anxiolytic activity.
    It can be used to stimulate menstruation.
    More Guaiol scientific information

  5. Limonene has therapeutic benefits and may relieve depression, anxiety, and stress
    Limonene: This terp is often used in aromatherapy because it has mood-uplifting effects. It has a strong citrus smell and aromas of fruit, wood, and pine. Limonene can also be found in juniper, fruit rinds, and pleasant-smelling cleaning products.
    More scientific information about Limonene

  6. Trans-Nerolidol gives the cannabis strain a smell of a mixture of rose, citrus and apples
    More Nerolidol scientific information

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  8. Linalool is a terpene that gives out an aroma of lavender.
    This terp has been shown to reduce inflammation caused by cigarette smoking.
    More Linalool scientific information

  9. Terpinolene is another common terpene found in cannabis. Terpinolene is a cannabis terpene that displays a piney or woody aroma with hints of citrus and herbal spice. Typically found in sativa strains, terpinolene offers a mildly sedative effect and can reduce anxiety.
    More scientific information regarding Terpinolene

  10. Ocimene. The terpene know as ocimene's many therapeutic benefits is as a decongestant and expectorant
    More scientific information concerning Ocimene

  11. Alpha-pinene (sometimes referred to just as pinene or written α-pinene). This plays a strong role in helping you retain memories more efficiently.
    This terpene also helps in treating symptoms of asthma.
    More scientific information about Alpha-Pinene

  12. Caryophyllene (also known as Humulene) is a common cannabis terpene, that can help you manage pain. Caryophyllene is well-known for promoting relaxation and relieving anxiety. Cinnamon and cloves also contain this terpene.
    More scientific information about Caryophyllene

  13. Geraniol. This terpene acts as an antioxidant, neuroprotectant and pain reliever.
    More scientific information about Geraniol

  14. Camphene. This terpene has cardio-protective effects. It helps in lowering bad cholesterol levels.
    More scientific information about Camphene

  15. Bisabolol: This terpene has anti-inflammatory as well as anti-microbial properties. It has a pleasant aroma and it is frequently used in skin care products.
    More scientific information about Bisabolol

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