Durban Poison
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Durban Poison cannabis strain information, Durban Poison may help conditions including: ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Arthritis, Migraines and PTSD
Durban Poison
Cannabis Seeds

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Durban Poison Cannabis Strain Information

  • The cannabis Sativa strain, Durban Poison may help medical conditions including: ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Arthritis, Migraines and PTSD.
  • Durban Poison is often medically prescribed for: Depression, Insomnia, Nausea, Pain and Stress.
  • This marijuana strain was chosen as one of the top four strains to try in the month of September! This cannabis strain was chosen by visitors to 420Gangsta.
  • When grown indoors, the yield of cannabis plant, Durban Poison is 2-4 oz/ft2
  • When grown outdoors, the yield of cannabis plant, Durban Poison is 2-4 oz/ft2
  • The height of this strain when grown indoors is 60-80 inches.
  • Durban Poison is great strain for making cannabis oil and concentrates

Durban Poison Cannabis updated information 2021
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How To Germinate Durban Poison Seeds
Three Simple Methods

Note the following tips will work for other strains of cannabis

(1) Method: The first method for germinating seeds will necessitate the use of water, a paper towel, and a clean plate or tray.
This allows the seeds to remain in the damp location for a few days until they are ready to be planted.
The first step is to soak the seeds for a few hours in water.
Prepare the tray and the paper towel after that.
Before placing the paper towel on the tray, wet it.
Check that it is only slightly damp and not dripping.

Position the seeds on the damp towel after the towels are in place.
Allow enough room for each seed.
After that, soak additional sheets of paper towel to cover the seeds.
The tray should then be stored in a cool, dark place, such as a cabinet or cupboard, at a temperature of at least 20 degrees Celsius.

The temperature may change the dampness of the towel, so make sure to spray water to keep the level of moisture constant.
This moisture will aid in the activation of the seed and the initiation of the germination process.
Allow it to sit for two to three days, or until the seeds are two to three millimetres in size.
It is now possible to place the seeds in the soil once they have matured.
Bury them a half-inch or an inch below the surface and arrange them so that the seed can readily sprout and take root.

(2) Method: The second approach for germinating Durban Poison seeds is to immerse the seed in water for a few days.
This is simple method, simply ensure that the room temperature is above twenty degrees Celsius in order for the Durban Poison seed to germinate properly.
Fill a cup or a transparent glass halfway with seeds.
Store it in a cool, dark area and keep an eye out for any changes.
After three to five days, small roots will sprout and the seed will pop up.
You can now take them out and put them in the soil once they have reached the proper size.

(3) Method: Planting Durban Poison seeds directly in the soil is the third and most usual technique of germinating them.
Although this is frequent, the chances of germination are decreased when compared to other methods.
The good news is that, unlike the other two ways, there will be no damage to the seed.
The quality of the soil utilised is critical to the success of this procedure.
Make sure the soil is airy and light so that air can freely circulate inside, and the seed can grow more easily.

There are soils available that are ideal for cultivating sensitive seeds.
The soil with pre-mixed nutrients is also beneficial.
Gently place the seeds in the dirt, burying them about a centimetre deep, then cover with more soil and gently tap them to secure.
Sprouts will appear after four to ten days.

(Conclusion) With three distinct approaches, the grower will have more opportunities to experiment in order to find the optimum method for germinating Durban Poison seeds.
It is even possible to perform all three processes simultaneously in order to compare which strategies work best.
The grower's trial and error attempts are the key to determining which is the best.
This experience will assist the cultivator in learning more about germination and nurturing Durban Poison plants.
These strategies have been shown to be effective, with certain pros and cons.
What is most important is how careful and meticulous you are when handling the seeds.

The germination of Durban Poison s also takes time and days, so growers must be extremely patient and perseverant.
Growers must also keep their hands clean, especially when handling seeds.
Growing marijuana plants may appear to be simple, but it can be time-consuming for some.
To alleviate the burden, one must gain a better understanding of what to do and what to expect in order to prepare for what is going to occur.
The germination process is the initial step, and while a lot can happen during an Durban Poison plant's life cycle, knowing how to germinate Durban Poison seeds is already a step in the right direction.

Storing Durban Poison Seeds Tips

Please Note: The following tips while work for storing all kinds of marijuana seeds.

In general, pale-green or white cannabis seeds will not germinate, but most dark seeds will grow when given favourable conditions.

Durban Poison cannabis seeds should be good if stored in a "zip lock" bag in a mason jar or any other airtight container in a dark, dry area (even if only for a few months).

A vacuum-sealed box is a significantly more popular option for long-term storage.

Before storing your Durban Poison seeds, place a cotton ball in with them to absorb any excess moisture.

Many experienced seed savers include a food-grade desiccant (Definition of desiccant) in their box. Durban Poison seeds, as previously said, require cold temperatures to retain their essence.

Freezing or refrigeration will suffice.

When storing Durban Poison seeds in the refrigerator, however, keep them as far back as possible so that they are not exposed to temperature variations when the door is opened.

It's also worth mentioning that when Durban Poison seeds are frozen, their vitality diminishes with each thaw and refreeze.

Excess moisture can be caused by both freezing and refrigeration, thus this must be checked on a frequent basis.

When cannabis seeds are properly stored, most growers discover that the majority of them are still alive after five years.

Many gardeners have grown high-quality Durban Poison seeds as aged as ten years.

for more detailed information about cannabis seeds, visit our Cannabis Seeds F.A.Q. page.

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