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  1. (Q) Where can I get high quality and high yielding cannabis seeds?

    (A) To help you to find high yielding and high quality cannabis seeds, has compiled a list of safe sites that you can buy cannabis seeds from, to visit this site, Cannabis Seeds Buyers Directory

  2. (Q) How long can I keep my cannabis seeds before planting?

    (A) It has been highly recommended by our grow experts that you keep your cannabis seeds for no longer than 1 year. Up to this time (one year) the germination power of the seed is still high.

    Even though, it is possible to store your seeds for longer periods than a year. Keep in mind that the germination probabilities (seed growing) will be much lower.

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  3. (Q) How should I store my cannabis seeds

    (A) We recommend keeping your seeds in a container that is moisture free and sealed. Seeds should be kept in a dark, dry and cool place with temperatures close to 39F or 4 C. Moisture causes the seed to begin its germination process and light simply damages the seed. Do yourself a favor and store your seeds in the refrigerator or a cool dark closet in something like a film canister or blacked out mason jar.

    Your fridge could be in this case a perfect place to keep your cannabis seeds fresh. In this case make sure your weed seeds are hermetically sealed (air tight) so they will not be exposed to humidity.

  4. (Q) What is the difference between feminized, regular and auto-flowering seeds and what is best for me?

    (A) The real difference is the customer and what type of grower they are.

    Regular seeds were the old school originals and many growers still choose to grow them. Regular seeds can either be male or female!

    Feminized seeds are for superb convenience in your grow room, meaning there is no need to sex between males and females resulting in an all female garden.
    Feminized seeds refer to cannabis seeds that are specially bred to eliminate male chromosomes so as to produce only female plants. They are also referred to as "female seeds". The feminine cannabis plant produces considerably more working substances such as THC and CBD as compared to the male cannabis plant.

    Auto flowering cannabis are popular worldwide and can be grown under any light regime as long as there is at least 6 hours of lighting and the temperatures are not too cold. Otherwise these miracle seeds allow growers indoors and outdoors to grow a miniature version of an existing strain in around 12 weeks, from seed to harvest.

  5. (Q) What are the difference between indoor and out doors seeds

    (A) Indoor Growing: When you choose strains for indoor growing, you will want smaller plants and can handle more finicky varieties that can be handled with care in a controlled environment. You have lots of flexibility to choose strains from different climates and simply adjust your greenhouse to meet the demands of the plant.

    Outdoor Growing: When you choose strains for outdoor growing, you will want larger growing plants that require less attention and can produce in environments that lack control. You will want to consider the climate that they plants thrive in and ensure that you select based on your weather patterns in your garden. Another factor in Outdoor seeds is the flowering period. You will want to select seeds that will finish before your local winter weather starts. If you have a longer growing season, you can choose a wider variety of out-door seeds.

  6. (Q) Is there a way to see of my cannabis seeds are good?

    (A) Yes, there are two ways to see if cannabis seeds are good!
    The first way (beginner) is a simple and easy test with only has 2 possible outcomes. This simple test is also a great way to tell the good genetics of your seeds from the bad.

    All that you have to do is to fill up a drinking glass or glass jar with water (preferably spring or distilled) and place your seeds on the surface.

    This simple and cost-effective method they will sink or swim, literally. Seeds that remain buoyant on the surface are more than likely of poor quality and are to be discarded. Seeds that sink to the bottom like a botanical cannonball are probably healthy and should be germinated. .

    The second (expert) way to gauge the quality and traits of a cannabis seed is to get used to how they look. Some details are glaringly obvious, while others take some time to identify quickly. Healthier and genetically superior seeds will exhibit darker colours on the outer shell. Shades of grey and black are signs of a good seed, sometimes might look like a "tiger stripe".

    Healthy seeds will also look as though they have a coating of wax of their shell. This can be made obvious when exposing them to a bright light and witnessing a sheen effect.

    Darker and better-quality seeds will feel firm to the touch. Place the seed between your thumb and index finger and give it a gentle squeeze, enough to tests its resilience. If the seed feels firm and does not bend or break under the applied pressure, then it's more than likely worth planting.

    Poor-quality or old seeds will crack and crumble under pressure. If they break into parts under slight pressure, they will be unusable. But they wouldn't have been worth the time anyway. Seeds are simply pods of a plant genetics. With time, they will age and become unusable. Seeds that are obviously past their prime are not worth wasting time on.

    Immature and young seeds will be green and white in appearance. It is unlikely that these seeds will germinate, and if they manage to, it will just take longer. It is worth obtaining fresh seeds that are of optimal age.

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