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The above image is a brief summary of the Cannabis laws about growing your own cannabis in Alabama.
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Brief summary of the current laws regarding cannabis in Alabama is:

  • Marijuana Cultivation Is Outlawed In Alabama. Unlike some other states, marijuana cultivation or possession is unlawful in the state of Alabama.
  • Although medical marijuana use is progressively growing in popularity, Alabama legislatures have yet to recognize the plant's medicinal properties and therefore criminalize all reasons for cultivating marijuana.
  • Today, if you cultivate a marijuana plant in your backyard, or basement, even for personal use, then you can be charged with "Trafficking in cannabis," which is a felony offense in the state of Alabama.
  • Alabama is one state that imposes mandatory minimum sentences for marijuana related offenses.
  • Marijuana supporters are fighting hard to get legislation passed to legalize medical marijuana across the nation.
  • Facing marijuana possession or cultivation charges can cost you your reputation, your future and your livelihood if you are convicted in Alabama.
  • Cultivation is illegal in Alabama. An individual cultivating a marijuana plant at home for personal use can be charged with trafficking cannabis, which is considered a felony. Possessing any amount of processed cannabis is considered a misdemeanor with up to one (1) year in prison or a $6,000 fine.Jan. 29, 2021

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