White Rhino Cannabis Strain Review

White Rhino Cannabis Strain

Cannabis strain Review
White Rhino

For virtually every marijuana smoker, seeing a strain of cannabis that begins with "White" will immediately make them think of the classic White Widow cannabis strain, easily one of the most popular strains to ever come out of Amsterdam.

White Rhino is another one of those strains with a mysterious parentage; though we do know that White Widow is its direct ancestor, we have no idea what other strain was used to create this potent indica.

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The relaxation caused by White Rhino is fundamentally different from most other indica strains, however; while many strains give you a sense of peace and an intense desire to watch some trashy TV show on repeat, there is an inherent sense of purpose to the high provided by White Rhino.

Similar to its parent strain, White Widow, White Rhino possesses a distinctly earthy aroma that is backed up by elements of heavy wood, such as oak and maple.

Once you have planted your bud, you can expect an extremely high yield; one of the many reasons that growers choose White Rhino over White Widow is because its average yield is massively increased.

Like many other indicas that have been bred for sheer THC intensity, White Rhino does not possess a high quantity of CBD. You can typically expect around 1% CBD content in your White Rhino; this is actually a little bit more than most high-strength indicas, so White Rhino does offer at least some of the useful medicinal effects that CBD can generally cause.

Just like White Widow, White Rhino is a versatile and useful strain, able to not only help treat a myriad of different medical ailments but also to leave you feeling both relaxed and soothed.

Thanks for tuning in to our White Rhino marijuana strain review, and as always, Stay Healthy - Stay Green - Stay Opiate Free!

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